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Antipancreatic cancer medicine

Patients of the pancreatic cancer increases at speed of an anual rate of 13% now in a developed nation. And pancreatic cancer is the most intractable cancer, and a survival rate of five years is still limited to around 3-5%. The factor that I achieved next is thought about as the cause.

Because there are few appropriate markers, it is slow that pancreatic cancer is discovered by a diagnosis. Because there is little quantity of blood perfusion of the internal organs, medicine arrival rate is low.

That is why in pancreatic cancer, it is rare for the anticancer agent to act on spoiling a cell conventionally to show an effect and comes to tend anticancer agent to be used to stabilize the condition of a patient of the patient.

It is the present conditions that the clear target gene is not discovered. But we think that it is necessary the development of the medicine that the sensitivity of the normal cell is different from a cancer cell in pancreatic cancer. We examine an anticancer agent superior to a conventional anticancer agent with a new drug service method.

Antipancreatic cancer medicine

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