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Antioxidation LDL agent

A metabolic syndrome is generally recognized. However, cholesterol and LDL oneself are required ingredients for the living body. In fact, only oxidation LDL causes arteriosclerosis and causes the coronary arteries disease.

However, it does not yet succeed to disintegrate apart from only this oxidation LDL. It is cause oxidation LDL consists of plural causes for structure, too. In addition, it is cause that many people are thinking that oxidation LDL is not emergency than the cancer either.

However, there is the case that it is often that heart failure by the oxidation LDL becomes the death cause. When it is taken dialysis for many years by renal insufficiency. In this case it is very important whether you can remove only oxidation LDL selectively in the later health. We develop a system removing only oxidation LDL during blood purification.

Antioxidation LDL agent

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