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Board of Directors

President and Chief Executive Officer
Hiroyuki OHNO
Mr. Ohno established Pharmit, Inc. in June of 2005 in order to address the unmet medical needs in the field of digestive organ diseases. Prior to this, he has served as researcher on Helicobacter pylori at the School of Medicine, Chiba University for ten years and identified M toxin as a target protein for a new anti-H. pylori drug. He has also worked as a digestive internal medicine doctor specialized in biliary cancer and pancreatic cancer.
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Hiroyuki OBASE
Mr. Obase had been Head of The Biological Engineering Research Institute from 2002 to 2005. He graduated from the Department of Science and Engineering at Waseda University in1966. He entered Kyowa Hakko, Ltd, and developed "Allelock" as head of the development team. He was appointed as head of the Institute and manager of the drug development division. He received an award by The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan for his role in the development of Allelock.
Manager of the Drug Development Division
Mr. Tanaka entered Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd after graduating from Kyushu University in 1974. He showed powerful leadership during a joint development project with Amgen,Inc as chief technology officer (CTO). Upon completion of the project, he was appointed as CTO in GNI, Inc, and invited to Cell Signals, Ltd. as a board member.
Manager of General affairs
Mr. Namekata started his career as an officer at the Headquarters of the Governor of Tokyo in 1969 after graduating from Hosei University. He founded the Friends Co, public sector firm. The Friends Co carried out various public projects on behalf of the governor's office and established a framework for future drug development in Japan.
Osamu Sakai
Technical advisor
Masaharu Ito
Technical advisor
Yoshihiro Fukuda
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